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Soozie and the Cheesewagon

Salutations Cheese lovers!

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Are you tired of heart-shaped chocolates and cheap teddy bears bearing soppy generic proclamations of love?

If you are, then this is the page for you! This Cheese is blue, and no amount clichéd schmaltz is going to drag me out of this anti-romance funk. Thus I have decided hereby, forthwith and henceforth to declare this February 2013 the month of Unvalentine’s!
(I’m not too sure how Soozie feels about all of this, but I’ll deal with her later)
You can expect a break up anthem, the blues and a few sad songs heading your way over the next few weeks.

So, like the Mad Hatter bidding Alice a very merry Unbirthday, I’d like to officially wish you all a happy Unvalentine’s!

Cheese Forth!

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